Head of School's Welcome

  • Great Joy Primary School

    micheal-kelechi-maxwellHEAD OF SCHOOL’S WELCOME

    It is with a deep sense of great joy that I welcome you to Great Joy (Primary) School. The primary school is an aspect of Great Joy Schools which in compliance with the goals of primary education in Nigeria, aims to:

    • Inculcate permanent literacy and numeracy and ability to communicate well;
    • Lay a sound basis for scientific and reflective thinking;
    • Give citizenship education as a basis for effective participation in and contribution to the life of the society;
    • Mould the character and develop sound attitude and morals in the child;
    • Develop in the child the ability to adapt to his changing environment;
    • Give the child opportunities for developing manipulative skills that will enable him to function effectively in the society within the limits of his capacity;
    • Provide the child with basic tools for further educational advancement including preparation for trades and crafts of the locality.

    In pursuance of the above goals, our primary school curriculum cuts across Nigerian and British which consolidates the over-all teaching and learning process at Great Joy (Primary) School.

    We believe that teaching is a series of activities geared towards helping pupils on how to learn. The teacher is not regarded as the foundation of all knowledge because the pupils also have some knowledge. Hence, sharing of ideas is what really obtains during an effective teaching. Teaching as we believe is a triadic process involving interactions between the teacher, the subject matter and the pupil.

    We believe that a serene and conducive environment with fully air-conditioned classrooms and a toilet per classroom will in no little measure enhance effective teaching and learning process. That is why our classrooms and the environment possess 100% of these essential attributes in a world-class primary school.

    We optimally aim at producing risk-takers, communicators, well-balanced, knowledgeable, principled, open-minded, caring, respectful enquirers and reflective thinkers who would impact their world positively.

    It is indeed a school of GREAT JOY to all her stakeholders.

    Kelechi M. Michael (Mr.)