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    We have a viable counseling unit that takes adequate care of student psychological needs. We aim to relate to you in a purposeful and supportive manner, helping you find your own way of coping with difficulties in relationships or in adjusting to anxiety, depression and decision making.

    So, if your work seems to be spiraling out of control, you are unhappy or homesick, or you have a problem or compliant, there is always someone who will listen empathetically and in confidence, and will give whatever practical help needed.

    We also have a process of helping students achieve self-understanding and self-direction necessary to make informed choices and move toward personal goals. We focus on the complete development of individual students through a series of services designed to maximize school learning, stimulate career development, and respond to the personal and social concerns that inhibit individual growth.

     At Great Joy Schools, counseling programs are organized as a series of services which include

    • Academic planning: Counselors assist students with curriculum and individual course selection. Programs also are designed to help students who have academic difficulties.
    • Student appraisal: Standardized tests are administered to assist in appropriate academic placement, to assess academic achievement, to identify individual aptitudes, to explore vocational interests, and to examine personal characteristics. Tests are used also to identify gifted students and those with special learning problems.
    • Career-development programs: To help foster awareness of career alternatives, programs in human relations skills, as well as the acquisition and dissemination of related information. Counselors work with teachers, administrators, and parents in coordinated efforts to help resolve specific student problems.

    However, at Great Joy schools, we do not see career as what you do to earn a living only, rather we see it as what you do to both earn a living and affect your society and the world at large positively.
    Our college offers a caring and safe environment in which every student can flourish.


    Great Joy schools have always given a high priority to looking after her students. Academics, social and personal supports are embedded within the structures and facilities of the school.
    Like all students, you have access to academic staff who takes an interest in your general welfare as well as your academic progress.

    You are entitled to have personal study advice tutor, a member of academic staff with a special responsibility for pastoral care. You can turn to them for information and practical advice. When appropriate, they can also refer you to specialist support and welfare services.
    The personal study advice tutor is a specialist and he is available to see you on a one-to-one basis, to talk through any anxieties that you feel embarrassed to discuss with staff.

    Our personal study advice tutors can give lots of practical advice and guidance that will save you time and help you work more efficiently but also reassure you and boost your confidence. Our friendly and approachable tutor will work with you in confidence, in any area of concern.