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    our-feesprimaryFees must be settled at one of the school’s designated banks.
    Once fees have been settled, parents are required to present the proof of payment (teller) to the school bursar’s office for immediate issuance of official receipts.

    There are a number of categories of fees for which parents are required to pay.
    Fees are to be settled in the first week of term. The actual amounts are forwarded to parents with reports at the end of each term. Fees are available on request from the school Bursar’s Office.

    Development Levy
    This is a one-time payment for the duration of the pupil’s stay in one section of the school i.e. Primary or Secondary. Funds accruable from the development levy are channeled towards the on-going physical development of the school.

    This may be paid once annually or by the first week ending of each term. Annual payment of fees attract a discount.

    Educational Resources Fee
    This is an annual payment which covers the cost of exercise books, home work diaries, photocopies, stationery, recorders (Yr 1 & 7) and teaching and learning aids in the classroom.

    Book Rental Fee
    The book rental fee is paid at the beginning of every Key Stage. All books must be returned at the end of each year. Damaged or lost books must be replaced or else reports, exam papers, awards and certificates will be withheld.

    Year Book
    This fee covers the cost of the School Year Book for each child.

    Co curricular Fees
    This is a fee paid per term and it covers the cost of:
    Two co-curricular activities per week in the Secondary and one in the Primary.
    Registration and affiliation fees to co curricular Leagues and competitions.
    Payment for Facilitators/Coaches.
    Costumes and uniforms are for the account of the parent and the pupil.

    Special Events Fees
    These fees cover events such as
    Parent Forums.
    Accolades Assemblies.
    Christmas Concert.
    Graduation Ceremony.

    School Photographs
    This fee will cover the cost of Individual and Class Photographs for each child.

    Lunch Fee
    This fee is paid for mid day lunch in the school by all students.

    We will attempt to arrange one outing per class per term. This fee does not include visits out of Lagos or International Tours and Events. Out of Lagos and International trips are for the account of the parent.

    PTA Annual payment
    This payment is to facilitate the activities of the Parent/Teacher Association.
    Fees must be paid in full before resumption of each term. A reminder goes out in the first week of school. Pupils with outstanding fees are not allowed to remain in the classrooms after the third week of school.

    External Examination FeesPupils in Year 6, 9 and 11 are enrolled for External Examinations set and marked by Cambridge and other examination bodies abroad. Parents will be levied for the fees once the British Council has informed the school of the set amounts. The taking of these exams is obligatory.