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  • Cambridge Checkpoint

    Cambridge Checkpoint tests are available in English, Mathematics and Science.

    Checkpoint is not a formal qualification with a certificate, although a Statement of Achievement will be issued.

    Cambridge Checkpoint is for students in Year 9 (i.e. JS 3) or between 13 14 years of age. It is ideal for those beginning courses leading to Cambridge IGCSE or O Level exams in English, Mathematics and Science.

    They provide good preparation for Cambridge IGCSE or O Level examinations, by allowing students to experience external examination scenario.

    Results are given as Checkpoint scores between 0.0 the weakest performance and 6.0 the best performance. The average score is between 3.0 and 4.0.

    IGCSE & Cambridge O'Level

    1. A minimum of Senior Secondary 2 completion
    2. Attempted Cambridge ‘O’ level, SSCE or NECO without success but with evidence of results.�������

    Cambridge A'Level Program

    This is a two year full-time course with admissions both in September and January. The A-level program is divided into two parts: The Advanced subsidiary (AS); the first part of the A-Level and the A2 which is the final part of the program.

    However, we also run the Accelerated A-Level program which is a year intensive program instead of the normal two years. Moreover, for a student to undergo one year Accelerated program, he / she must meet the requirements below:

    1) Student should possess very good IGCSE or SSCE (WAEC or NECO) results.
    2) Student must be mature (min. 18 years of age)
    3) Student may be repeating A level course
    4) Student must be exceptionally brilliant

    The A Level program covers all academic subjects. Usually a student studies 3 or 4 subjects. This program provides the standard entry qualification for British University degree courses.

    A minimum of 5 credits is required in relevant subjects inclusive of English and Mathematics in SSCE, Cambridge ‘O’ Level, or other known equivalent examinations. Results should come from not more than one sitting for the accelerated program and not more than two sittings for the two years program.

    Degree Foundation Programs (DFP)

    The Degree Foundation Program is a bridging year specially designed for students seeking entry to universities abroad. It is one year full-time course and of a familiar standard to A’ Level. It provides students with a wide range of general study skills as well as specific knowledge of subjects related to the degree they wish to pursue in the future. Students have also found it to be a more appropriate route than the A’ Level program.

    This program is a one-year program which would lead to year one direct entry into our partner UK Universities. It is a fast-track alternative route to universities.

    At GJS College Intl, courses relevant to the actual university degree program are studied during the one year Degree Foundation Program. Hence, providing an easy flow and transition into actual university lifestyle with academic maturity.