Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Extra Curricular Activities

    Students are required to join at least one school club and a maximum of three. Below are lists and activities of the social clubs available in the school:


    The Press Club is in charge of the Great Flash (a GJS campus newsletter) and information dissemination in the school, publication of the monthly bulletin, production of the school year book. They also conduct some community visits and development.


    Drama Club is a very functional club in the school. The club members are responsible for staging plays. They also coordinate cultural displays and participate in productions in school and also in other schools on invitation.


    ICT Club has programs to develop young ICT engineers and enthusiasts.


    The GJS Literacy Club was established with the aim of helping students enhance their speaking and writing skills.


    This is a club that takes charge of the management and maintenance of the home by using both human and material resources available to meet the needs of every family member. It grooms the young ones for future home-keeping. It also inculcates the young minds to build their homes. It requires a lot of input to achieve the desired goals. The inputs are fundamental requirement which includes: Patience, Listening habit, Understanding, honesty, Faithfulness, Creativity and Hard work.


    Nigerian Red Cross Society – caring for the most vulnerable people. It is the leading voluntary provider of emergency help to those in most need, anywhere in the country without discrimination or question.


    To equip young people with knowledge and skills they require in successfully making the transition from adolescence to adulthood.
     Assist the young people develop attitudes, values and behaviors based on actual knowledge that are supportive of the expression of their being, male or female in positive and responsible ways. 
     Help student acquire skills e.g. communication, decision making, goal setting which would enable them delay the initiation of sexual relationships until they are emotionally mature and able to understand the potential consequences of such relationships.


    You love to make people happy? You must belong to this group. It is lovely to be joyful (as part of our core values). In fact young people perform this interestingly. That is why we encourage them to join and cheer others up.


    Soccer Club is saddled with the responsibilities of acquiring; fitness through exercise, skills for the game of soccer, inculcating desirable healthful habits and moral values in young people and exposing members to inter-schools age group soccer competitions.


    The aim of the Music club is to encourage boys and girls to develop the musical skill innate in them on various musical instruments such as trumpet, clarinet, violin, piano, guitar, sax, etc. Already, different training program have been embarked on to bring about desired results in playing these instruments.


    Great Joy Business Students Society was established by the Business department of Great Joy Schools (college). The major aim being to enable the students practice in real life what is taught in class. The club equips the students with entrepreneurial skills needed in an ever changing environment like ours.


    Tennis Club is one of the clubs in the school that aims at developing the fitness and skills level of students. The objectives of the club includes are; to inculcate discipline through sports, to develop their sense of responsibility, to select players to represent the school, to develop the 3D’s in tem: Discipline, Determination and Dedication and to ensure that every member should be able to play the game as a professional in the future or for recreational purposes.


    Egbe akekoo ijinle ede Yoruba je okan pataki ninu awon egbe to wa fun awon akekoo ni ile- eko yii. Ede Yoruba je okan ninu awon ise kan-an-pa fun awon akekoo ni awon ile eko giga wa lakokoo yii. Eleyi lo difa fun agbekale egbe yii kaakiri awon ile–eko giga wa ni orile-ede yii, Naijeriya.

    Die lara won erongba agbekale egbe yii re e:
    Lati je ki awon akekoo je omoluabi
    Lati ta asa ile Yoruba ji
    Lati fi pataki eko ile mule
    Lati je ki awon akekoo dato ninu siso ede Yoruba
    Lati gbe Yoruba siso ti ko ni abula laruge
    Lati wu awon akekoo lori lati ma so eka ede won

    Other clubs available include

    Swimming club
    Taekwondo club